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Regardless of the type of building you live in, having intercom locking systems is essential for securing your residents or yourself. Intercoms can be controlled through digital keypads or a key-chain fob and have added layers of protection thanks to cameras and other types of security.

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An important layer of security is having lock mechanisms controlled electronically. This provides your building, business or home an additional layer of security because you control who can come in and who can’t.
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Intercom Services

Whether you realize it or not, Intercoms have become woven into the fabric of our lives. From that seemingly disembodied voice that announces “Clean up on aisle 3” when you are at the grocery store, to the intercom that announces that you are here for your appointment with a new prospective boss, to that security intercom in your apartment building, intercoms play a discreet, but important role in our lives. To complicate matters, we live in a technological world and as technology grows and changes so too do intercom capabilities change and we here at Manhattan Intercom do our very best to keep our customers up on the latest Intercom innovations.

One of the most rapid areas of growth regarding Intercom services, is in the field of security. Combined with other security devices or methods, Intercoms can help you live and work safer.

Video/Intercom SystemsVideo/Intercom Systems

Intercoms with built in video systems are the perfect addition to most gated communities, businesses and even single family dwellings or apartments. When someone wants to gain access to your home or property you can see who the person is and even talk to them to discover why they are calling on your or your business. In addition, if the person at your door or gate claims to be there on some official business such as making repairs, you can actually view their credentials prior to opening the door and allowing them to gain access to your property. These Intercom camera duos have the ability to pan and tilt allowing you to be able to view what is going on around the person at your front door.

Some of these intercom video systems even allow you to get still snap shots of people who come to your door when your not around.

Intercoms and Keyless Entries

Intercoms can also be linked with your keyless entry system and be controlled by your digital keypad or key chain fob. Intercoms with or without video allows you to know exactly who is standing on the other side of the door before you allow them access to your apartment, or office building. Access controls such as magnetic or electric strike locks are accessories that can be added to any intercom system to help take your safety to the next level.

When choosing a access control to pair with your Intercom system you will need to choose either between fail safe or fail secure locks. Fail safe systems includes both magnetic and electric strike locks that only perform using DC. These locks ususally reguire either 12 or 24 volts of electricity to function. Should your electric system fail for any reason such as a storm or black out, the locks on fail safe system automatically unlock in order to allow you be able to exit your home should you need to.

However, because a fail safe lock cannot be relocked until the electric comes back on, you may want to have a backup power supply to keep you safe during the time the electricity in your neighbor is out.

If you purchase an electric strike lock to go with your intercom system. You can purchase one that is either fail safe or fail secure. Keep in mind that a fail secure electric strike access control will remain locked should the electricity fail barring entrance from the outside, but allowing you to get out should you need to.

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Intercoms and Business

Intercoms also play a huge part in the world of business, not just for security, but also helping to increase production. Imagine the good old days when a clerk in a grocery store needed a price check and either had to run and check the price herself or go find a bag boy to do it for her, leaving the line of customers had the checkout waiting around. With intercom systems, a quick call for a price check will send someone checking on the price, while the cashier continues to ring up the rest of the order.

Intercom systems allow customers to order and receive food without ever leaving their car, can connect a factory floor with a warehouse and so much more.

When it comes to business security intercom systems are extremely useful there as well. Many larger businesses that deal with expensive or sensitive merchandise use intercoms on the gates to their warehouses so that anyone wanting to gain access to the warehouse is spoken to and ID prior to entering the warehouse grounds.

Businesses such as gas stations that are frequently robbed put up glass windows to protect their workers and use intercoms so that their employees can speak to and interact with their customers while remaining safely behind bullet proof glass.

If you are looking for an intercom system for your home or business why not give us a call at Manhattan Intercom 1-212-203-4380 and we will be happy to come to your home or business and access your needs and advise you to which would be the best intercom system to meet your needs. In addition, we can sell, install and maintain that system for you. We provide all of our customers with ongoing support and will show you the proper way to use your new intercom system.

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