Surveillance cameras offer many different benefits to your home or business. The most obvious benefit is the camera acts as a deterrent to prospective graffiti artists, vandals and burglars. Furthermore, if criminal activity does take place, surveillance cameras greatly assist law enforcement with capturing and prosecuting the offenders.

For businesses & buildings:

surveillance cameras are protection from external threats as well as internal threats. Having surveillance cameras and routinely reviewing the footage allows you to have peace of mind that your employees are doing their jobs.

For Your Home:

Security cameras aren’t just for catching burglars in the act – they can give you peace of mind when it comes to your family, your kids, and your property by letting you see what’s going on at all times.

Pan and Tilt or Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

Pan and Tilt or Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

The best part about surveillance cameras – in today’s world you can access footage from anywhere. Imagine being in a different state and just opening up an app on your phone to access footage.
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Surveillance Cameras/CCTV Installation, Repairs, and Updates

Surveillance cameras are installed as part of a security system for homes and businesses. These cameras when combined with other security methods such as solid locks on your doors and windows can protect your home or business from vandalism, theft, and home invasions. When deciding whether or not a surveillance camera is right for your home or business you need to consider the benefits such as system has to offer.

Benefits of Surveillance Cameras

There are several benefits to having surveillance cameras installed in home or business. Here are just a few of those benefits:

  • Surveillance cameras can lower insurance rates- Many insurance companies lower insurance premiums for homes or businesses that have surveillance cameras installed. Studies have shown that these cameras actually help to prevent theft and vandalism because the would be perpetrator is afraid to be caught on camera. In addition, in cases where would be thieves or vandals ignore the cameras, your surveillance camera can help the police to catch the perpetrator and increases the chances they will be prosecuted, reducing crime in the entire neighborhood.
  • Surveillance Cameras in a Business Can Improve Productivity- There is an old saying that “when the cat’s away the mice will play.” and this certainly holds true in many businesses. When the manager or the owner of a business is not on the premises, employees tend to work less and play more. Having surveillance cameras that the employees know are recording their day will help them focus more on their work and discourage them from wasting time or engaging in behavior that is harmful to your business.
  • Reduces the Risk of Employee Theft- Surveillance cameras can also reduce the risk of employee theft. While most employees are honest, there are some that like to take home items belonging to business, which can end up costing the owner a loss in profits. Surveillance cameras will help to discourage employees from helping themselves to the businesses assets.
  • Increases Your Peace of Mind- Most home and business owners worry about their house, business and their possessions when they are away from home or their business. Having a surveillance camera that you can access from wherever you are gives you more peace of mind when you need to be away from your home or business for an extended period of time.

Surveillance cameras can be monitored and accessed from anywhere, which makes them handy to have whether you are in your office, at home, or on an extended vacation.

Purchasing Your Surveillance Camera/System

When it comes to purchasing of expensive equipment, most of us are determined to look for a bargain. Unfortunately, for most people a bargain means getting that Surveillance camera for a low price. However, when it comes to surveillance cameras there is more to consider that the price of the camera. Here are just a few things you need to consider when purchasing a Surveillance camera for use in home or business.

  1. What specific needs for your home or business do you want the camera to meet? Do you want a single surveillance camera that catching any action that occurs at the front door of your business or home or do you want an entire system that will monitor what goes on both inside and outside your home or business?
  2. Do you need a Surveillance camera that comes alive with it detects movement and has the capabilities of tracking that movement as it continues to move or is a fixed camera suitable for your needs?
  3. Do you want a surveillance camera that simply records events or one that can be linked to an alarm to your phone and the police station?
  4. Do you want to deal with a company that will not install your surveillance camera but will also make necessary repairs and even allow you to upgrade to a better system as the need arises?

The truth is that most people need professional assistance when deciding what surveillance system will best suit their needs and at Manhattan Intercom we have the specialists who can provide you with the assistance your need. When you call Manhattan Intercom, we will send a specialist out to your site who will discuss with you your requirements and advise you on the best surveillance camera system to meet those needs based on the cameras features, lenses and applications. Then we will give you a free estimate for installation and the plan for your surveillance system repair and even upgrade.

Different Types of Cameras We Offer

At Manhattan Intercom we can sell, install and repair a variety of different surveillance cameras. Here is a look at the most common cameras we carry.

  • Bullet Cameras- Bullet cameras are small video cameras shaped like a rifle bullet and about as round as a cigar, but not quite as long. These cameras are easy to mount on the ceiling or the wall and can be purchased for both inside and outside use. They produce excellent picture quality and are quite inconspicuous.
  • Dome Camera- Dome cameras are small cameras that are fitted into a transparent dome, which can be tinted. These cameras can be mounted on the ceiling, wall, or an arm. These cameras can be weather and vandal resistance and may be analog or Ip, fixed or mobile, and pictures may be in black and white or color.
  • Box Camera- A box camera is one of the first types of surveillance cameras that were used. These cameras can be used inside or outside, are usually quite large and your can select for a wide variety of lenses. Because these cameras are so large they take in a lot of light resulting in a clear picture. People choose the box camera as an actual deterrent to crime as this camera fairly shouts “You’re under Surveillance!”
  • IP Camera- An IP camera is an internet protocol camera It’s a digital video camera that can send and reserve data via a computer network. IP cameras can be connected to alarm system.
  • HD Cameras- Some surveillance cameras tend to have grainy images, with the pictures less clear than most users would like. A High Definition camera offers clearer images, a wide field of vision and shows more detail than many other types of cameras.
  • Nanny Camera- A nanny camera is a specialized camera usually set in a stuffed animal, a book, or other place where the camera can be hidden. These cameras are designed to reassure parents who need to work and are concern about the care their child is getting from their in home child care worker.

If you are looking for a Surveillance camera for your home or business let Manhattan Intercom help you find the right camera to meet your needs.

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